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Academy Soccer

General Information

"At the Liverpool International Academy America our mission is provide an environment where players can develop an intrinsic awareness of their own skill level and strive to push themselves as an individual.  We believe that a player’s self-awareness coupled with professional training is the perfect environment to prepare players for a higher level of soccer once they graduate from the Academy program."


The Academy program is a player development based program where players of all abilities are invited to sign up, once signed up players are required to attend practice twice a week under the instruction of a Liverpool International Academy America professional coach.  Players will be developed through the Academy program according to the Academy Curriculum.

This is a year-round program.  Training begins in August and ends in May, the program has a Christmas break at the end of December and starts back up at the end of January, when you sign up for our Academy program you are expected to commit to the entire year and practice twice a week.  There is an opportunity to join in after the Fall season in January during Spring sign up.



Academy players practice twice a week with their assigned group/team with a professionally licensed Liverpool International America coach.  Coaches are required to plan sessions according to the Liverpool International Academy America Curriculum and focus on individual development.


Teams and Games

Players are placed into teams based on the player’s current skill level regardless of their age.  The teams are formed at the beginning of the season ahead of games.  Teams will practice twice a week and play in the nearest Academy league on the weekends (typically 10 games in the Fall and 10 games in the Spring).


  • During each game only the coach and manager are allowed on the sideline with the players.
  • Coaches are allowed to enter the field during a stoppage to teach the players in the flow of the game.
  • Games are designed to create a learning environment where players can express themselves without the focus of winning.



  • Provide players with a high standard of coaching.
  • Educate players and parents about the concept and importance of player development.
  • Set a fun, safe and educational environment where players can be placed onto select teams post-academy.
  • Lay the building blocks for players learn the fundamental and technical skills to take to the next level.



The curriculum has been developed by the Liverpool International Academy America.  The curriculum has been based on the current US Soccer Federation guidelines in order to prepare our Academy players for the future of US Soccer.



We measure success on many different levels here at Liverpool International Acadaemy America

  1. The knowledge both players and parents leave the Academy program with.
  2. The level of play each individual improves on.
  3. The number of players who progress to play select soccer after the Academy program.
  4. The development of a player’s passion for soccer.